Mr Vandenhoff as Coriolanus

Original Page

Caption: ‘COR: Most sweet voices! _____
Better it is to die, better to starve,
Than crave the hire which first we do deserve.’ CORIOLANUS Act 2, Sc. 3′

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Illustrator: Engraved by G. Greatbach from a Daguerreotype by Mayall

Original Illustration Size: 240 x 144mm / 9″14 x 5″20

Illustration Number: 20/26

Source Text: The complete works of Shakspere : revised from the original editions / with historical and analytical introductions to each play, also notes explanatory and critical, and a life of the poet by J.O. Halliwell … and other eminent commentators ; elegantly and appropriately illustrated by portraits engraved on steel, from daguerreotypes of the greatest and most intellectual actors of the age ; taken in the embodiment of the varied and life-like characters of our great national poet / Tragedies.

Published: London; New York: Printed and published by John Tallis and company [1850].

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