Prospero and Alonso


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Illustrator: H. C. Selous

Engraver: Unknown

Original Illustration Size: 122 x 131 mm / 4″26 x 5″6

Illustration Number: 13/14

Source Text: The Plays of William Shakespeare  / Edited and Annotated by Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke / Illustrated by H. C. Selous / With  Thirty-five Full Page Wood Engravings after Frank Dicksee, RA., H. M. Paget, A. Hopkins, R. W.S., and others / And Thirty-five Photogravure Plates / Special Edition / Part I.

Published: London, Paris and Melbourne: Cassell & Company, Limited [1864–68?]

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  1. Does anyone else think that the character behind Caliban looks like he is holding a camera? (!)

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